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How to Successfully Fill Gaps and Holes in Hedges?

Although they look stable, trimmed hedges are far from protected from problems and imperfections. There are various reasons that lead to the fact that the fence will lose its attractiveness: incorrect calculations, wrong choice of species, bad winter, damage to plants by pests or diseases, improper care. Let’s look...

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Types of Pruning Shrubs

Pruning Shrubs Trimming ornamental shrubs, planted individually, in a group or forming a hedge, is an event that ensures their proper development and perfect shaping of the crowns. Thus, each shrub will harmonize with other elements of the overall garden composition. We need to differentiate the kinds of pruning...

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How to Properly Plant a Hedge for Privacy Screen

The privacy hedge Privacy screens are always valuable, as they are giving you peace and shade. Also, they are a great sound insulation to reduce outside noise and act to protect against strong winds. In addition, in the winter they help in avoiding the accumulation of snow in your...

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Garden care in June

Get ready The month of June will soon begin, so let’s take a brief look at what care is needed for your garden in that nice month. Do not forget that you have your professional gardener, to whom you can always turn for a proper advice, care and maintenance...

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