What to Do in the Late September to Have Lovely Flowers?

What to Do in the Late September to Have Lovely Flowers?


The flowers in September arouse admiration and pleasant feelings. Chrysanthemums stretch their beautiful heads towards the sun, and the flowering leaves of wild grapes add zest to the autumn garden. Each of us wants all the flowers to continue to bloom to make us happy for longer. To this end, we need to prepare for some landscaping activities in September. If you have any questions, contact your local professional gardener.

Flower care

In September, autumn perennial flowers such as anemone, aster, dahlia, chrysanthemum, buttercup, as well as shrubs such as roses, heather, hydrangea and autumn bulbs bloom. To make the gardens look beautiful and tidy, try to regularly remove dry leaves, overblown flowers and withered twigs. It is also necessary to weed and loosen the soil around the flowers, and if the month is dry, which is not typical for England, it should be watered more often.

Preparation of the rosary for the winter

Rose bushes need autumn treatment, which is important for them. You need to:

  • quit watering first, in purpose to stop the growth of new twigs and make the tree firm to prepare the roses for winter; 
  • secondly, the tips of the young branches must be pinched; 
  • and last but not least, it is best to prune the emerging buds, as they will most likely not be able to bloom, but will deplete the nutrients that the rose bush needs so much to survive the winter.

Planting bulbous flowers

September is the best time to plant almost all bulbous flowers. Before the others, we plant small-bulb crops such as crocus, scilla chionodoxa, snowdrops. After 10th September, it’s the right time to plant daffodils that adapt perfectly to any conditions. They can grow both in alleys and between trees and shrubs. The dormancy period in daffodils is shorter than in other bulbous plants. Therefore, it is necessary to plant them before the emergence of new roots of the bulbs. When planted, new roots can be inadvertently damaged, and others will not be able to sprout, so daffodils can freeze in winter.

In the second half of September we start planting tulips in the garden. It is very important to plant at the most optimal time at soil temperature plus 9-10 degrees C, because at this temperature the tulips are best caught. 

And finally, in late September and early October, we plant hyacinths. These flowers love light and do not tolerate cold currents. After planting the bulbs, if the ground is dry, it is necessary to water them. If the bulbs are healthy and planting is done on time and at the right depth, then the plants in the spring will delight you with all their beauty.

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