The Latest Trends in Gardening

The Latest Trends in Gardening

The Trends

In recent years, trends in garden design have focused on awareness of the role of nature, its immediate power and healing power, but also the advent of digital technology and the recognition of the need for sustainability in a world with limited resources. No matter how advanced the technology, the truth is one – we simply cannot live without nature. As for the gardens, they are a part of it, which makes us calmer and therefore, healthier. We are increasingly aware of how plants and gardening improve our lives and connect us with something both ancient and modern – the relentless rhythm of nature. We will show you what are the most common trends today, but to consult about the latest trends in gardening, to keep the garden in your home relevant, contact your nearby professional gardener.

Get the forest in my home

This style of gardens is gaining popularity for good reasons – the forest is a medicine. gardens, which are rich in dense trees and wild plants, are cool, masculine and moist. Modern research has shown that urban micro-gardens of the “forest” type are not only part of modern urban landscapes, but also act as healing islands for “immersion in the forest”, which show a powerful effect on this human well-being.

Create more mood with the help of intelligent lighting

Landscape designers advise to use lighting rationally. Carefully placed lighting can draw attention to a specific area in your garden, turning any seemingly inconspicuous tree into a remarkable object. In your garden you can create lines of garden lamps and garlands, imitating imitating torch flames, falling raindrops, twinkling stars, or new generations of LED smart strips with very low or completely autonomous power supply. 

Expanding the interior outwards

Creating open space and expanding the interior is a strong trend today. We see sofas, rugs and pillows decorating patios as well as our living rooms. This trend is especially popular among the younger generations.

Northern calm

The northern garden is much quieter and no less charming. It is deep green, with mostly evergreen plants. Such gardens are best suited for very busy modern people who do not have much free time needed for maintenance.

Around the pond

Own pond – only at this thought you become more pleasant! Water has a pronounced calming effect, so why not be close to yourself? It is especially nice to meet neighbors, relax and breathe fresh air, walk and enjoy the tranquility of your own pond, which is literally the very symbol of wildlife. 

Vertical garden

The vertical garden is a micro-park with planting medium, executed vertically along the wall of the house. The flexibility of the idea and creativity in the use of a limited area can demonstrate a special beauty in the design of landscaping for the facade of the house and the interior. There are several plants that are most commonly used for a minimalist home: anthurium, bonsai and jasmine mini.

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