Spring Care for the Grass Carpet

Spring Care for the Grass Carpet

Spring grass carpet

Spring care for the grass carpet will bring the grass in perfect condition for the time when we will be outside to enjoy our garden. The main steps for good grass carpet in the spring are as following:

Removing weeds

There are two ways to control weeds: mechanical and chemical. If the weeds are few, you can try to remove them mechanically with their roots. You can use a hand cultivator for this purpose. But if there are lots of weeds, then you should treat them with a selective herbicide for deciduous plants. You can apply the herbicide together with the fertilizer to nourish the grass. Please, carefully read the operating instructions carefully before using herbicides! And wait 3-4 mowings before treating a new lawn with pesticides.

Regular and proper mowing 

Make the first mowing of the year lower to prepare the lawn for spring aeration and verticutting. In general, the grass is maintained at a height of 2.5 cm to 4 cm. Mow in dry weather, but if it rains for a long time – do not delay. Move the mower in a certain order and direction and do not make deformations for repeated passage. If you mow by hand or your mower does not collect the cut grass, you collect it.

Moss control

The most successful way to control moss is to improve the conditions for the growth of new grass. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, you should aerate the grass to prevent the soil from compacting. Water it regularly, but do not muddy the terrain. For each single mowing, mow the grass at most 1/3 of its size – thus will not only strengthen the grass, but also help it fight many of the weeds on its own. Then make several fertilizers with anti-moss fertilizer effect, which helps remove moss from lawns, nourishes the grass carpet and prevents the formation of new moss.

Spring aeration and verticutting

These two activities are carried out at least once a year. Do aerate the grass with a wire attachment to collect the layered dry grass. Along with the dry grass you will remove a large part of the moss. With this operation you will clear accumulations on the soil and will stimulate the regenerative ability of the grass. Do verticalize the terrain with an attachment with special knives, which will cut deep into the lawn and clean the dead roots. This activity refreshes the grass in depth, paves the way for air directly to the roots and removes some of the weeds in the buds.

Sowing and filling in empty areas

If you have holes in the grass carpet, spring is the time to supplement them with a regenerating grass mixture for general refreshment and thickening of the lawn. After mowing and aerating the modern grass in the field, spread the grass seeds evenly, using a hand or electric drill, and stick them to the soil by rolling.

Regular watering

And last but not least – water regularly with a light stream of water so as not to wash the seeds from the soil. If the lawn has just been sown, water 1-2 times a day until the grass reaches 10 cm. After the second mowing, you can switch to a normal watering regime depending on the season, altitude and microclimate.

If you follow the sequence of the above stated steps, you will enjoy a fresh and dense grass carpet. If you have any questions or difficulties about what to do, contact your nearest professional gardener.

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