Tree & Bush care

Tree and Bush care



Trees and bushes are vital for providing oxygen, storing carbon and stabilising the soil. They also give life to a wide variety of wildlife birds and insects; being a small paradise for them. And we, people, feel better spending time around or just by looking at them.

We often use trees and bushes also in our gardens as natural boundaries for some privacy between our properties, just like hedges.

And because we – the DIA Team Gardeners – understand how incredible and beneficial trees are, we specialise in taking good care of yours.

Our Tree and Bush Care Services include:

  • Pruning and TrimmingPruning and trimming bushes and trees improves the overall health of the plant when it is done properly and at the right time. It also minimises the risk of incidents by removing the dangerous and defective branches.
  • ShapingOur Gardeners can cut and shape bushes and tree crowns of up to 5 metres in height. It is all done in a safe manner, of a high standard and using the correct equipment.
  • Cutting downIn some cases cutting down a tree is inevitable and we can do it for you professionally and therefore safely.
  • Clearing and RemovalDIA Team Gardeners can clear land with bush hog and do a tree stump removal and roots completely, too, where practically possible.
  • Stump grindingWe can also professionally grind larger stumps which is even more efficient than a stump removal. Plus, the chips produced can be used as mulch for your garden.
  • Wood chippingShould there be any small to medium-sized pieces of wood in your property that need to get chipped – we can do that as well!

Different seasonal needs

More so, DIA Team Gardeners know the different seasonal needs of your trees and that is why we can offer you a proffesional all season tree care.

We are experienced in taking care of lilac bushes and trees, beech bushes and trees, smoke bush trees but also care for apple trees, lemon trees, fig trees, blueberry trees, buddleia trees, and many more.  And also in looking after holly bush, hibiscus bush, elderberry bush, oleander bush, hawthorn bushes, willow bush, and others. 

We can offer you a complete range of bush and tree services in South London. We cover the areas of Sutton Surrey, Banstead, Epsom, Croydon, Bromley, Purley, Wallington and others.  see map

Do you have a specific question or maybe you need professional help taking care of the trees and bushes in your domestic or commercial property? 

Contact DIA Team Gardeners, we are happy to help!

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