The Right Care for Your Flower Garden in November

The Right Care for Your Flower Garden in November

Proper care

November is about to come, so we must be prepared in time for the proper care of our flower garden during this time of year. This is the time when the main things are: clear the last fallen leaves, plant tulips and compost. It’s also time to start over in the garden, rethink gardening successes and failures, and plan for the next gardening year before Christmas knocks on our door. If you have any questions, do contact your professional gardener nearby for adequate and immediate help.

Dahlias and other delicate bulbs

They should be dug up and stored in a cool, dark place.

The ground must be cool enough

It is important to plant tulips over the next few weeks. Avoid planting them after heavy frosts or in wet areas of your garden.

Winter heating

Keep in mind that it dries the air, so it is good to provide adequate humidity and moisture for your flowers. As far as pots at home, do not place them directly on tiles where there is underfloor heating, as this will lead to significant drying.

Clean and lubricate your garden tools

You need to prepare them for winter storage. Put some sand and some oil in a large bucket, then slide your garden tools in and out of the sand. This will clean them well, then apply a light layer of oil on them to prevent rust.

There is still time to pick up and divide your herbaceous perennials

This can be done provided that the soil is not flooded or frozen.

Start pruning your apple and pear trees 

Leave the plum and cherry trees until next summer, as winter pruning makes them susceptible to disease.

Protect your semi-hardy plants such as Gunnera and Dicksonia

You can do this by wrapping them and securing them in place with a layer of garden fleece or Hessian sacks.

Washing trees

Some trees are grown for their attractive bark, such as the illustrated Himalayan birch (Betula utilis), which can become dirty or prone to green moss, spoiling the appearance of the bark. The bark can only be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth to remove accumulated dirt and return the bright white to the bark. Just as you would in the house, first dust the bark and then wipe with a wet, soap-free cloth.

Is November a good time to plant?

Although it is not time to plant flowers outside, we can still grow many different plants inside in November. This is a great time of year when we can clone some of our outdoor plants as well as grow seeds indoors.

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