Garden Clearance


Garden Clearance



Enjoy Your Garden Once Again

Please, don’t you feel embarrassed if you have a neglected garden! Life is stressful anyway. And we are not here to judge.  Actually, it would be perfect to use our skills and efforts to make your life easier and your garden cleaner! So, let us do our job and bring you back that lovely garden space!


DIA Team Gardeners Can Help

DIA Team gardeners can restore your neglected garden efficiently and carefully.  Moreover, we have handled garden clearance that varies from a small garden that has got out of control only for a season to a huge jungle clearance of a garden left for a few decades. 


DIA Team’s Garden Clean Up Services

  • Weeding grass: hogweed, crabgrass, goosegrass, clover, dandelion; removing lawn weeds and others (no chemicals)
  • Weeding ivy and removal of poison ivy vines from trees, fence, yard and house walls; We can also get rid of ivy roots (no chemicals)
  • Removing brambles trees and getting rid of stingy nettles and other invasive plants and their roots. (no chemicals)
  • Trimming overgrown shrubs, evergreen bushes and hedges, including azaleas, boxwood, forsythia rose bushes and others
  • Pruning lilac bushes and trees; blackcurrant, raspberry and gooseberry bushes; holy trees, laurel bushes, etc.
  • Tree and bush removal as well as their roots, where possible. Wood grinding and chopping are also available
  • Cleaning of flower beds and prepare it for planting
  • Patio cleaning with pressure washing
  • Removal of old fence with broken or rotten fence panels. Installing new fence
  • Leaf clearance and collection
  • We precisely clean up after and we legally dispose of garden waste for free (up to 180l of waste produced during our job).***


How Much Does a Garden Clearance Cost?

Well, the garden clearance price would depend on the type of services that you need, its scale, the tools and machines for it and the time we need to put in. So, naturally, we tailor individuals offers.  Request a FREE no obligation quotes (after a visit ). The garden clearance cost itself is described by our customers as “very reasonable” and “worth every penny” . 


Outstanding Garden Cleaning Service

DIA Team Gardeners are proud to have 100% excellent customer reviews across different social platforms that confirm our outstanding gardening services! 
We provide excellent garden cleaning job every time because we work quickly and very efficiently,  And bad weather is not a worry for us. We are friendly gardeners but also prompt, professional and hard-working.  And we love our job! And that is why we take pride in what we do and the results leave even our regular customers amazed!


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