Let’s Welcome the Spring in Our Flower Gardens in a Proper Way!

Let’s Welcome the Spring in Our Flower Gardens in a Proper Way!

Spring has come!

Here the winter has passed and the first spring has come! The beginning of April is the time when we have to take care of the plants that will delight our eyes during the warm seasons. Whether our garden is in the yard or on the terrace, now is the right time to carefully plan everything and take the necessary action, because there is nothing better than enjoying the beauty that you have created.

Checking-up the tools

Let’s start with the things needed to bring the garden back to life – the tools. It is essential to work with strong and comfortable tools and now is the time to check their condition and what we have available to save the inconvenience of rushing to the pruning shears store in the midst of work. Prepare scissors, paddle, shovel, hoe, watering can; and last but not least – 2-3 pairs of work gloves.

Thorough cleaning of lawns and flower beds from weeds and rotten stalks.

The places where you will plant flowers should be dug up, but it is good to do this very carefully so as not to affect the overwintering plants in the garden.

Looking for dead plants

If you see some, do not rush to remove them. Just prune the dead plants and stay filled with patience and hope, because with the onset of the first warm days it is possible to surprise you with new leaf and flower buds.

Pay attention to roses and hedges of laurel, thuja or bird grapes.

Be prepared to prune roses and flowering shrubs and form a hedge while maintaining high temperatures.

Check the spring flowers

Make sure the tubers harvested in the fall are in good condition, as you are about to plant them outside. You can create beautiful flower arrangements of new annual flowers and spring tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. Now is the time to secure seedlings of annual flowers. If you enjoy it, you can prepare it yourself by pre-sowing the seeds in pots and growing them until May, when you can form flower beds in your yard to your liking.

Seed plants – seedlings, cuttings or seeds?

Perhaps, the seed plants are the simplest in terms of planting and caring. It is recommended to plant through seedlings when the first sprouts grown at home appear. Once they get planted in this way, they will be as lush, dense and flowering as possible.

The coming spring can only make you happy, and if you have any questions or concerns about the proper garden maintenance in this lovely season, do contact your local professional gardener.

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