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How to Create a Lovely Garden

Don’t you ever stop dreaming! If one of your dreams is to have a nice, neat and tidy garden with the smell of exotic flowers and freshly cut grass, here is something for you! DIA Team Gardeners have prepared some useful tips for a beautiful and impressive yard with...

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Useful Tips for Growing Roses

The Rose – the Queen of Flowers Let’s pay special attention to the Queen of Flowers! The fact is that roses have been studied, selected, propagated and cultivated for many years, and that they are the proper flowers when we want to express our love for someone. However, growing...

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What to Do in the Late September to Have Lovely Flowers?

Autumn The flowers in September arouse admiration and pleasant feelings. Chrysanthemums stretch their beautiful heads towards the sun, and the flowering leaves of wild grapes add zest to the autumn garden. Each of us wants all the flowers to continue to bloom to make us happy for longer. To...

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What do You Need to Know About Fertilization?

Fertilization Plants on balconies and in the garden need extra nutrients to grow healthy and produce a good crop of fruits and flowers. These nutrients are in the form of fertilizers. If you follow some simple, basic rules for fertilizing, you can hope for beauty and a good harvest....

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The Latest Trends in Gardening

The Trends In recent years, trends in garden design have focused on awareness of the role of nature, its immediate power and healing power, but also the advent of digital technology and the recognition of the need for sustainability in a world with limited resources. No matter how advanced...

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Bonsai Tree – What to Know About Caring it?

The Bonsai tree Almost everyone knows about the existence of these beautiful, miniature replicas of a real tree called a bonsai. Anyone can plant it, but it is extremely important to choose seedlings settled in the surrounding climatic conditions. For anything you need to know about it, just call...

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