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Here is the full list of services that DIA Team Gardeners can provide for you

Are weeds, brambles or ivy invading your garden? Is it slowly turning into an overgrown jungle? We know how annoying it is watching this and knowing you’re helpless about it. That’s why we can clear it all for you! We’ve cleared countless of gardens over the years and we certainly know how to deal with your one too!

If you want your garden to be looking constantly perfect, why not get us to maintain it for you? With more than 40 regular customers so far, our network is continuously growing. You can now become one of them too! We can either serve you weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. Leave it to us, we’ll do the rest

Our “Design & Build” service is about creating a new vision for your garden with the help of our trusted garden designer. The project would include various ideas and sketches that the DIA Team Gardeners would then turn into reality.



Are you getting distracted by your neighbours, and you feel the need of getting more privacy? Is your fence starting to rot or it’s been damaged by the winds? Or you simply need some extra security? We can install any type of timber panel or wire mesh fencing for you. Plus, we’re specialised in timber and composite decking installation too!

It’s always nice when there is a patio area in your garden where you can sit at and have a barbecue with your family or friends. If you don’t have one yet, then why not get us to lay it for you? We offer a wide range of patio and paving services to suit each individual need. Don’t wait anymore but contact us now!

Many people will admit that there’s nothing better than walking barefoot on the freshly-cut grass outside their door in the hot summer days. If you don’t have the privilege to experience that but you’ve always wanted to, then why not give us a call? We can transform your garden and turn it into the green space you’ve dreamt for.




Do you feel like it’s time to refresh your green space? Perhaps you’re looking for a low-maintenance natural grass alternative? Whatever the reason is, artificial grass is always a good idea! Our landscaping teams have extensive experience in installing fake grass, so don’t hesitate calling us, should you consider having such too!


Are you tired of looking at the dirty spots in your garden? We can restore their original look expertly and effectively. Our jet washing service includes cleaning of patios, wooden deckings, balconies, garden paths & furniture and fences. Let us remove the grime and stains for you, we guarantee you’ll be amazed!


We offer professional lawn mowing, edging and lawn care services for all types of grass. Whether you want to have your grass perfectly striped or you simply want it shortened – we are here to help! We use different types of professional lawn mowers, depending on your personal needs and wants.



Just like the hedges, bushes and trees grow fast which may sometimes surprise you or catch you unprepared. We know that well, thus we can save you the time and effort of pruning them yourself on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Instead, we can do it all for you – precisely, professionally and pretty.


We can proudly say that we are highly specialised in hedge, shrub and tree trimming. We do pruning as well as shaping of plants up to 5 metres in height. If you are looking to get your hedge cut straight and make it the envy of your neighbours, then you are in the right place! We know how to make your hedge a feast for the eyes!

We provide garden waste removal services at reasonable rates. Whether you have a pile of old branches in your back garden or you cannot fit the bags of garden waste in your car – we can clear all that for you. In addition to this, we can demolish your shed too and dispose of it, without leaving any mess behind.

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