How to Create a Lovely Garden

How to Create a Lovely Garden

Don’t you ever stop dreaming!

If one of your dreams is to have a nice, neat and tidy garden with the smell of exotic flowers and freshly cut grass, here is something for you!

DIA Team Gardeners have prepared some useful tips for a beautiful and impressive yard with a cosy and pleasant corner for relaxation and entertainment.

All in tune

The secret of beautiful and impressive gardens lies in the skilful combination of colours, styles, sizes and motifs. It’s a good idea to choose a theme, idea, or concept in advance when you start designing, decorating, landscaping or renovating your yard. It is not necessary that everything is refined in one basic tone or is subject to a specific architectural current, but try betting on elements that combine well with each other. 

Consider whether you want your garden to look nice and classic, as Mediterranean, modernist, reminiscent of an exotic island, a mountain meadow, a neat suburb, a vegetable garden or a secluded farm. 

Take care of your garden

Maybe you and/or your partner dream of a garden dotted with fragrant flowers, majestic trees, exotic species and immaculately mown grass, but where to start from?

It is a good practice to start your landscaping with two or three types of flowers or shrubs. Also, bet on varieties that are not only durable, but also easy to maintain. Keep in mind that a simply planted yard is a much nicer picture than a garden full of wilted, diseased, neglected or dying plants.

Also, if you are thinking of planting the space around your house with all kinds of native and foreign flora, consider whether you will have enough space, skills and time to maintain this opulence. Because different plants require a specific amount of care and attention. And a variety of plants, flower beds, ornamental shrubs and fresh greenery will need maintenance despite having a huge impact on the overall appearance, mood and atmosphere of any garden. 

In addition, if you are new to gardening or you are too busy to maintain it on your own, hire a professional. Our gardeners can help you at any step of the way.

Corner for parties and relaxation

It is good to set aside a special place in your backyard for rest and entertainment. Usually a table, a few chairs and a shelter would do the job. It will give some distance from your plants and give you more space to enjoy. 

Surely, the most important reason for this corner would be that you will enjoy your garden even more, again and again! 

And here’s why: you will get a beautiful and cosy corner where you can chill out, read or paint in peace and maybe even get a tan in the summer! Plus, you could drink coffee or have dinner with family and friends there. You can also host amazing sunny tea or barbecue parties and late celebrations of any kind under the stars.

PS: If any interesting ideas come to your mind, feel free to contact a member of our friendly and professional team.  We are happy to help!

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