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What Should We Know About Seeding the Garden

Gorgeously green garden Would you like а gorgeously green garden? Of course, most of us do. Even a flower garden won’t be that beautiful if there is no green grass around. We can tell you more about which are the most important things you need to know about seeding....

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How to Create a Lovely Garden

Don’t you ever stop dreaming! If one of your dreams is to have a nice, neat and tidy garden with the smell of exotic flowers and freshly cut grass, here is something for you! DIA Team Gardeners have prepared some useful tips for a beautiful and impressive yard with...

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What do You Need to Know About Fertilization?

Fertilization Plants on balconies and in the garden need extra nutrients to grow healthy and produce a good crop of fruits and flowers. These nutrients are in the form of fertilizers. If you follow some simple, basic rules for fertilizing, you can hope for beauty and a good harvest....

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How to Cope with Too Much Moisture in Your Garden?

Higher humidity Although rain is desirable in dry weather and good for many plants, we still live in England, where there is always more moisture than necessary, and this can cause problems in your garden. If you have concerns about too much humidity in your garden, contact your local...

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What You Have to Do in Your Garden in August?

Summer August is in its middle, so if you miss some care about your flower garden, it is still not too late to do it. For any questions, do contact your local professional gardener for proper advice and help.  GRASS Place the sprinklers on the irrigation system in the...

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