What Should We Know About Seeding the Garden

What Should We Know About Seeding the Garden

Gorgeously green garden

Would you like а gorgeously green garden? Of course, most of us do. Even a flower garden won’t be that beautiful if there is no green grass around. We can tell you more about which are the most important things you need to know about seeding. For further information and advice, please speak to a member of the DIA Team gardeners.

Seeding is the fundamental process in landscaping

Seeding is actually one of the most important landscaping activities. This process is fundamental and determines the construction of the green areas. For this reason, the choice of grass mixture is extremely important.

The purpose of the garden should be taken into account to decide exactly what the lawns should be. It could be used to be trampling-resistant, for shade, to cover wet soil, etc. See Turfing

It is also good to know how quickly you want the lawn to be ready as there are grass mixtures that achieve faster effect than others.

Stages of seeding

Preparation for planting begins with cleaning the area: removing weeds, stones, tree shoots, logs and any other debris. This is then followed by digging with a straight shove. The digging is good to be at 20-30 cm in depth – which is the root layer of the grass.

Before sowing the grass mixtures, the terrain should be levelled in order to achieve the maximum decorative effect. The grass mixture is then seeded, which can be done by cross-seeding or another technique. The next stage is the rolling, by which the grass seed is being buried. And the final step: proper watering.

The most suitable time and depth for seeding

Grass seed is planted usually from May to mid-June, but it can also be done in autumn – from September to early October. The optimal planting depth is 2 mm. If you go deeper, the grass may not be able to emerge.

Ways to spread the seed

You can spread grass seed by hand or using a spreader. With the first option, you need to make sure that the seed is distributed evenly. А common mistake is to plant the seed on a thin topsoil layer.

The visible results

Depending on the mixture initial growth begins after 10 to 14 days, usually with soil, sufficient in moisture and warmth. Seeds germinate best at soil temperatures above 17°C. We advise you to water the seeds regularly to keep them damp for good growth.

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