The biggest mistakes in maintaining your flower garden

The biggest mistakes in maintaining your flower garden

Maintaining a garden

Having a nice, plentiful garden full of flowers gives you a reason for joy and pride. Maintaining a garden requires both knowledge and the right actions, and although many people know what to do, willingly or unwillingly they also make mistakes that ruin the beauty of the flower garden. Always keep in mind that professional advice and help from an authorised gardener will save you troubles and losses. So, without any hesitation, do contact your gardener in Croydon anytime you feel unaware what you are supposed to do for your own garden.

Let’s see what are the common mistakes that garden owners make, sometimes without even knowing it:

Moving plants in the wrong place

Suppose your gardener has told you about the conditions that a flower can grow. But you decide that you want it elsewhere aesthetically, which can be inappropriate and fatal for the plant. For example, if the site is not well drained in advance, the soil will form constant moisture which leads to rot; or, if there is not enough sunlight, it can be dangerous for the flower. The general rule is the following: before planting your flower, put a thick layer of garden stones in the soil, cover with soil and fertilizer well, and after then – do plant it. But most of all, ask your gardener who will best advise you.

Pluck your flowers instead of weeds

Before blooming, some flowers can be confused with weeds and, accordingly, mistakenly uprooted. As the weeds also bloom, this could be really misleading. To avoid this mistake, it is best to somehow mark the flower – for example, by placing a stick with a mark next to it.

Poorly prepared soil

An important point in maintaining a living garden is enrichment of the soil, which is often overlooked. It is vital that the soil to be mixed with useful fertilizers and minerals, and peat mixtures are also suitable. This applies not only to vegetable gardens, but also to flower ones. To be aware of the soil kind in your area, contact your professional gardener. As a last resort, you can mix the soil with an equal amount of compost to make sure that at least initially your flowers will be nourished enough.


If the flowers are overwatered, it leads to their rot. Especially for a country like England, overwatering is really unnecessary. However, to make sure that your flowers have the necessary hydration, it is good to build an irrigation system that will have a special setting for spreading and quantity. In case you can’t afford it, then pay special attention to the soil: take some soil in your hand and make sure it is loose enough to form a ball with your fingers. If so, this is an indication of perfectly hydrated soil. However, if the soil makes kind of “slurping” sounds when pressed, it is a sign that it is overwatered.

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