What do you need to know about timber decking?

What do you need to know about timber decking?

Beautiful and useful

Timber decking is a wonderful addition to your garden and besides being beautiful, it is also useful. However, it is important to have in mind some things about the decking in advance, such as the right type of wood, so that your garden decking to have the necessary stability and resilience, including the not-so-favorable weather conditions in England. To be completely calm and confident, seek the help of a professional gardener who will advise, install and maintain your timber decking.

Why is Timber Decking Preferred for Your Garden?

In addition to improving the overall look of your garden, timber decking has other functions: it creates a nice atmosphere, provides a place to sit outdoors, for example for summer barbecues; also, such flooring can create a flat surface and make the whole exterior look much better.

What Kind of Wood is Best for Timber Decking?

This is the main point, along with its quality of placement and proper maintenance. It is of the utmost importance that the chosen type of wood is durable and wear-resistant. One of the most popular is the White pine, precisely because of its durability, as well as because it gets nails and screws in well, which makes it a perfect material for assembly.

The British sweet chestnut is another good option that is used for exterior cladding and timber decking, because in addition to the attractive goldish color, similar to the color of oak, its wood is durable and highly resistable.

Some people choose coniferous wood, such as Canadian western red cedar, which is good for the wet English weather. Although it is aesthetically pleasing and cheaper than other types of wood, it is much softer than European redwood and, therefore, is easily damaged. However, this shortcoming can be remedied, as a special coating is applied immediately after installation.

Avoid mixed types of spare pieces of wood, or wood composites, as durability, quality and resistance will not be the same as if you choose a stable, new wood. 

Which Are the Main Things You Need to Know About Maintenance of Your Timber Decking?

If you treat your garden decking regularly, it should last at least 25 years. Follow the advice of your professional gardener nearby and leave the care of maintenance to him. You as owner should be careful about the following:

 – the decking should have pressure washes several times a year, in purpose to remove the layering of dirt and grass debris;

 – check your decking regularly for problems such as broken trees, loose boards or cracks – the earlier you find them, the better your chance of keeping your decking is;

  – be more vigilant about the shady parts of your decking, as they will be harder to dry and there may be accumulated moss and grass; use a mold and weed remover when you notice them.

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