The New Trends In Landscaping

The New Trends In Landscaping

 The latest trends

Professional landscaping would greatly improve your garden space: a space to relax, recharge and enjoy. And once you have selected such landscaping that pleases the eye, you have achieved your goal. However, if you want to know what the latest landscaping trends are, we’ve got them right here. And remember that for any needs concerning your garden, you can turn to DIA TEAM gardeners.

Inserting elements

In your garden, you can add beautiful architectural elements to emphasise certain types of plants, the grace of a flower arrangement or simply make it happen. For example, a beautiful flowerpot with gorgeous flowers. Or maybe a skilfully inserted tree trunk and other decorative solutions that give uniqueness to the look of your garden.

Technological innovations in the garden

The progress of technique and technology is also reflected in the field of landscaping. The latest trend includes ways to improve and personalise outdoor spaces: selective irrigation systems, mobile applications for lighting control, wireless sound systems and many other applications that make your garden a true dream paradise.

Variegated forms 

Interest in the so-called variegated forms – or those flowers whose leaves do not contain only the green colour – is growing. There are leaf-decorative species with interestingly coloured yellow, red, pink and even white leaves. Such patterns can also have a different form: in stripes, in spots, in fine splashes or in the form of threads, as well as changing depending on the amount of light and the seasons.

Flowers that purify the air

Plants that purify the air are preferred not only in closed rooms but also in open gardens. The truth is that all plants on the planet participate in this process but there are species that do it to a greater extent, like the spathiphyllum for example.

Woody plants

If you want an impressive garden, you can achieve it by adding some tree species in addition to floral beauty. Magnificence and imposingness are assumed. With such a garden you will definitely impress everyone. Also you will make another effect – the tree will always liven up the space. The latest trends in landscaping lean towards whimsically shaped tree species that look like works of art.

Beauty in all seasons

The cliché that the garden is at its full beauty only in spring and summer is being broken more and more. In fact, through skilful decoration its unique beauty can be achieved at any time of the year. Permanent decorativeness is one garden trend that is expected to last practically forever like adding conifers, cereals, interesting mulch or shrubs with bright bark. With that you can achieve quite an interesting and eye-catching garden.

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