How to Deal With Too Overgrown Shrubs in the Garden?

How to Deal With Too Overgrown Shrubs in the Garden?

The look of your garden

The look of shrubs and bushes in your garden says a lot about you. People will make a basic assumption about you depending on how well maintained your yard is, so neat, well-trimmed shrubs and trees will make a better first impression on neighbours and other visitors to your home. Pruning shrubs and bushes is a simple task that can be very enjoyable for those who are proud of the work they do, so grab a few hedge vests, enjoy the sunlight and trim these overgrown shrubs.

Shrubs certainly add a touch to any garden, in addition to serving as a protective barrier against winds and rains. Each type of shrub needs pruning at least every few years. Those who do not receive the regular maintenance they need become too overgrown. If you move to a new home and find a backyard filled with poorly overgrown shrubs, then it’s time to learn how to rejuvenate shrubs by pruning. For the most adequate information, contact your professional gardener in your area. In general, you should know the following:

How to prune overgrown shrubs?

Pruning overgrown shrubs, also called rejuvenation, involves pruning the oldest and largest branches at ground level. This is done by using chainsaws or a saw, and it is proper to cut each of the heaviest stems as close to the ground as possible. This method of managing large shrubs stimulates the plant to produce new growth just below the pruning cut, because if you simply prune the tops of the shrubs, they will become even taller.

Another option is to prune an overgrown, neglected shrub into a small tree. This is especially effective if many of the branches are not in good condition. Just cut all but one of the stems, then remove the lower branches of that stem to create a trunk and canopy.

When to prune overgrown shrubs?

Badly overgrown shrubs are pruned in late winter or early spring, just before new leaves appear. As a periodical, be aware that pruning of neglected, overgrown shrubs takes three years. Each year, one-third of the heaviest stems are removed to begin new growth.

Once you have completed the renovation by pruning overgrown shrubs, take time each year to remove two or three of the older branches. Managing large shrubs in this way keeps them attractive and healthy.

To be your garden neat and clean, it is necessary for every plant in it to be well maintained. Make the bushes look perfect!

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