Hedge Trimming & Shaping

Hedge trimmingHedge trimming
Hedge trimmingHedge trimming

Why hedges?

Clearly, the hedges are an excellent natural shelter. They can be a flourishing home for wildlife and shield your garden from the wind. Providing privacy and giving the garden fresh green look, hedges are undoubtedly the better choice when it comes to forming a border between properties. In fact, they can resist strong winds in a way that fences can’t. In addition to this, they can bring the fauna and wildlife into your garden too!


What we offer?

  • Hedge trimming

    Hedge trimming in the right time of the year is an essential part of keeping your plant fresh and dense. Otherwise, it can be damaged and bald patches may occur. Our knowledge and expertise can save you from the frustration of seeing your hedge die.

  • Hedge shaping

    If your shrub, bush or hedge has a specific unusual shape, we can stick to it when pruning it. However, we can also create a new shape of your choice, whenever possible.

  • Planting/removing

    Our gardeners are specialised in planting or removing any type of hedge. Whether your hedge is dying or you simply want to replace it with a new one - we can sort that out for you! The size is not an issue for us.

Hedge trimming
Hedge trimmingHedge trimming
Hedge trimmingHedge trimming
Hedge trimmingHedge trimming

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