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Pros and Cons of Garden Awnings

There are many advantages and disadvantages that the various constructions for shading terraces and protection from the weather bring with them. The pros and cons must be weighed carefully to choose a sustainable, desirable and future-oriented option. In any case, do refer to your professional gardener to give you a proper advice depending on your own garden type, space available and requirements. 


Only awning



  • It provides an opaque privacy screen on top.

  • When tucked away, the view “under the open sky” does not matter.

  • It does not require permission.

  • It is a cheaper option than a canopy.

  • It can be replaced and changed more easily.

  • Approval of the owner in rented properties is not required.

  • Adjusting the brightness for the next room is possible by the degree of extension.

  • It takes up little space when not in use.

  • There are no bases and no space is required for posts.



  • It always comes home when it is raining or snowing.

  • It is not secure against hail.

  • It can mold.

  • There is hardly any protection from the wind.

  • It can flutter.

  • It cannot be used or only to a limited extent in strong winds.

  • There is a lower lifespan than a canopy.

  • It can tear.

  • It does fade.


Only a canopy



  • There is a constant protection against precipitation.

  • It is stable even in strong winds.

  • You can build it yourself.

  • It could be glazed in a winter garden.

  • It can be expanded if necessary and even turned into a living space.

  • It has got a longer life than a simple awning. 



  • It is often subject to communication and approval.

  • Real glass or plexiglass needs retention.

  • Posts and supporters need the basics.

  • It can only be dismantled or resized.

  • In the properties below us, the approval of the owners is allowed.

  • It is more expensive than a simple awning.


Awnings and roofs



  • Over-glass and under-glass awnings or sun awnings are possible.

  • Possible partial or full shade.

  • The canopy over the glass reduces the accumulation of heat under the roof.



  • It is the most expensive option.

  • Under a glass awning allows heating under the roof (advantageous only in the winter garden).


Given the above advantages and disadvantages, it is your final choice what cover to choose for your personal flower garden. The important thing is to keep the beauty of your flower beds in the most adequate way.